Who Sets the Goals?

Everyone has goals for a team. From the organization down, there are a number of goals that are important, but in terms of setting expectations and the all important  “parent-coach […]


Meet the Parents

Meeting the parents is sometimes a daunting task, and as the season approaches, I felt would be appropriate to share tips for coaches to run effective parent-coach meetings. A good […]

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Funniest Minor Hockey Level Names

We recently posted a comprehensive run-down of the different minor hockey levels, and one inquisitive commenter asked how these divisions got their somewhat peculiar names. What a fun question! I’m […]


Life After Hockey

At the end of the day, hockey is a great game but it’s just that; a game. We learn from it and hopefully make life-long friends.

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Hockey Makes You Employable

Maybe you already have something lined up but there are still plenty of high school students pounding the pavement. This might even be the summer you get your first job. Need something to put on your resume? Don’t worry about it! Now’s the time to put your years playing minor hockey to use in “the real world.”


Eating for the “off-season”

Need some nutrition tips while you’re in between seasons? Here’s a helpful overview with meal ideas, recipes and advice you can tailor to your summer plans. Check out Eating in the Off-season.


Tell Me a Story

I’m pretty lucky. I’ve spent most of my life surrounded by magnificent story-tellers.  When I was young it was my dad, then it was all the creatives at my agency. […]


Spring Ahead With These 8 Easy Organization Tips

“Spring is the time of plans and projects.” – Leo Tolstoy Although there may still be snow on the ground in some areas, spring is definitely in the air! This […]