Life After Hockey

At the end of the day, hockey is a great game but it’s just that; a game. We learn from it and hopefully make life-long friends.

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Hockey Makes You Employable

Maybe you already have something lined up but there are still plenty of high school students pounding the pavement. This might even be the summer you get your first job. Need something to put on your resume? Don’t worry about it! Now’s the time to put your years playing minor hockey to use in “the real world.”


Eating for the “off-season”

Need some nutrition tips while you’re in between seasons? Here’s a helpful overview with meal ideas, recipes and advice you can tailor to your summer plans. Check out Eating in the Off-season.

Breakfast for mother's day

To the kids: Delectable and easy to prepare treats for Mom!

Attention all skaters! Ask yourself: where would you be without Mom? Who would have brought you to your 6 AM practices? Or spent their holidays in a cold arena to cheer you on at your tournament? Sure, Dad can step up to the plate, but Mom is always there to make sure that you are well fed and well rested and have BOTH elbow pads in your bag.
May is the month of Mother’s Day, but our Moms definitely deserve more than just a day! Here are some easy and tasty ways to spoil Mom throughout the month of May.

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Fling into Spring Cleaning

It seems so difficult after months of snow, sleet and rain to wrap your head around the thought of spring when it’s been so long since you’ve seen any sign […]


Getting Back On The Horse

I often coach people on taking apart the premier aspects of what they’ve done in order to be able to create an action plan for what they want to do next or gain more of. It’s really looking at the details, and more often than not realizing that you already have what you need to be successful again without having to start from square one.

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End of Season Reflection: Celebrating the moments that defined your team

The inevitable ups and downs of a season bring a team together and force them to grow. While looking back at the end of the year remember to celebrate all the big and small victories, from individual skill improvement to leadership. Every team has unique defining moments over the course of the season that make them who they are.


Under Pressure!

The last week of the season, leading into the state championships can throw many different unexpected occurrences that unprepared teams may have a struggle bypassing. Having the feeling of preparedness and productivity in my team I feel like whatever stresses or curves slid our way will not affect us to the point of failure.